Coming Soon! An exclusive first look at Freme’s newest adventure.

For those of you who may have been lucky enough to visit Temburong recently you may have noticed some changes at the Adventure Park. For those who haven’t we have an exciting adrenalin filled surprise for you! Over the new year the team at Freme have been very busy working on a brand new multi activity tower.

Towering 12 meters high the Gibbon tower is now the highest tower of its kind in Borneo. Featuring a 10 meter high abseiling wall, 12 meter high climbing wall, Jacob’s ladder and kids bouldering wall. The 3 sided tower is surrounded by the beauty of nature and is full of action packed fun.

Gibbon tower was named by the locals, after the lesser known, endangered Bornean Mülller Gibbon in a homage to the local wildlife. In keeping with local tradition and remaining steadfast in our commitment to the environment the tower is made from locally sourced Selingant Batu hardwood.

Throughout the month of January our staff are in Temburong and going through rigorous training with the UIAA. Which is accredited by the International Federation of of Sports Climbers.

The one of a kind Gibbon Tower will be open soon and will be fully incorporated into our specially designed Team Building and Adventure Park packages.

  Keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages for information on when you can join in on the fun!