5 Activities you can only do in Brunei’s Jungle!

5 must try activities you can do in Brunei’s Jungle.


Ok, so we have shown you some of our favourite destinations. Given you a glimpse at our new attractions, and even taken you guiding with us. You lovely lot have been  saying “That’s great, but what is there to do in the Jungle?”. Well, we have put together a must do list for your visit to the Jungle.

Number 5: Mixing it with the locals!




Steeped in history the jungles still plays host to numerous tribes such as the IBAN people who live longhouses dotted around the jungle perimeter. We would definitely recommend taking a trip to see for yourself. If, you’re lucky you may even be invited to dance with them. Or if dancing is not your thing then you have got to try cooking with the locals.




Here our very own medicine man is showing us how to make the local delicacy of Bamboo Chicken. The medicine man still uses the traditional methods and goes out most mornings to cut down the Bamboo. Once the chicken is and other ingredients are stuffed into the bamboo they are plugged and cooked over an open fire. This local cooking is seldom seen any more!



Number 4: Fly like a bird!

This is where things get really fun. At the Freme Adventure park there is a huge amount of things to do, so we have just selected a couple of our favourites. Nothing can beat the thrill of zooming through the canopy. Which is why we would recommend taking a ride on our flying fox.



The zipline commemorates its 1st year anniversary this year and it has never been better. Now you don’t even have to book a whole tour to enjoy as prices start from less than B$10 per ride.


Number 3: Climb like a monkey!


Gibbon Tower is our brand new attraction for 2016! As mentioned in previous articles this tower pays homage to the various different species of monkeys that can be found a stone’s throw away from the rainforest lodge.



Featuring a child bouldering wall, a full sized climbing wall, Jacob’s ladder and 14m high Observation Point, where the views are simply spectacular.  


Number 2: Relax and Unwind!


We all live pretty busy lives these days and we don’t get enough opportunity to relax! So, when the we finally do get a chance to unwind there is no better place to do it then surround by nature. A must see is the natural foot spa beneath the gentle flow of a Temburong waterfall. Only a short longboat journey away this waterfall houses a natural foot spa.



Take any spa anywhere in the world and none of them would be able to replicate this sense of relaxation that you feel here.


Number 1: See nature at its best!


We have saved the best to last because nothing and we mean nothing can beat the thrill and excitement you get when you travel up or down river on our long boats or kayaks. Words can not describe what it feels like to be sat on crystal clear water, with birds flying overhead, rare creatures resting on the bank and beautiful jungle sprouting along the river’s meanders.


At the lodge there is a team of locals who know the river like the back of their hand. Navigating the twist, turns and rapids are no problem for these skilled pilots.


This is only a couple of the activities available at the the rain forest lodge. Where you are a backpacker, seasoned traveler or just starting out in your travels. There is no better place to go than Freme’s Rainforest Lodge at the gateway to heart of the undiscovered wilderness that is Brunei’s Jungle.



For more information on how you can explore this wilderness check out:


For local explorers: https://freme.com/bruneitours/temburong-tours/

For International Traverlers: http://uk.freme.com/adventure/